The company

Over forty years at the service of agriculture

PATERLINI is a historical brand that has worked with research, design, manufacturing and sales of agricultural equipment for pruning and mechanised harvesting, for forty years. Throughout these years, PATERLINI has always been present in small and medium agricultural businesses, with avant-garde solutions. Today, more than ever, our brand is focusing on its own history to cultivate a vision of the agricultural world in which tradition and innovation coexist and complete each other.

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Technology and innovation in our future

Since its very beginning, PATERLINI has always invested in the future, constantly committed to the innovation process for its own products and always managing to remain a reference point in its own sector. This philosophy has given rise, over the year, to top-quality products, tools and machines that have always been the best ambassadors of the PATERLINI brand throughout the world.

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Design, power and safety

PATERLINI products have always gotten ahead thanks to their own merits. At a first glance, what hits you is their diversity, which lies in the beauty of their lines, capable of integrating ergonomics and design in unique products that incarnate the best qualities of the best Italian manufacturing.
But PATERLINI goes beyond shape: this historical brand has always been recognised for the performance and the power of its products, which include items that will awe you with exceptional performances.
All in the name of maximum safety: PATERLINI products are manufactured in conformity with the safety and reliability standards determined by EU regulations, and are practical to use and require only simple, quick maintenance.